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Paris Brest Paris 1999 - informationRe-construction

Find out about the Paris Brest Cakes

My PBP page is still under construction.

The full information is available here:-



Some updated hotel information is now available here.

  Dealing with Melissa VIRUS

You may have heard about the "Melissa" WORD Macro computer virus which is all the rage at the moment. It is yet to be seen how big a risk this virus is. The professional virus industry is making a big fuss and will sell millions of dollars worth of software as a result.

Melissa comes to you as an attachment to an email message. It probably comes from somebody you know - but they will not know they have sent it.

As always there is no danger in receiving the email, only from opening the attachment.

IF you receive an email with the Subject line:
     "Important message from ..."
The message may also say:
     "Here is that document you asked for ... don't show anyone else ;-)"

THEN delete the message without opening, viewing or saving the attached .doc file. Send a message to the person who sent you the email telling them what you have done.

This virus poses no problems to machines not running Microsoft WORD 97 or WORD 2000 and Outlook Express, although you may still pass it on to other users. If you are at risk and get an infection it may mess up some of your Word documents by adding text from "The Simpsons".

Other defensive action.

If you have used Outlook Express in the past but no longer need it then delete any address book entries in that program.

In Microsoft Word (versions 7.0a, 97, 2000) ensure that the Macro checking protection is turned on.
To turn on macro virus protection and other options, perform these steps:

  1. Start Word.
  2. Choose the Tools, Options command, General tab.
  3. Check the Macro Virus Protection check box.
  4. Check the Confirm conversions at open check box.
  5. Choose the Save tab.
  6. Check the Prompt to save Normal template check box.
  7. Close the dialog box.
Whenever you open a document that contains macros, the macro virus protection opens a dialog box telling you that there are macros in the document and giving you the option to: Open the document with the macros enabled, open the document without the macros, or cancel the open operation. You should only open a document with macros enabled if you are expecting there to be macros on that document and you know what they are supposed to do.


  2. Beware any file sent by someone you don't know.
  3. Beware any file sent by someone you DO know.

For more information see the following web sites:

Forwarding attachments in Pegasus Email

How do you forward an email using Pegasus without losing the attachments?
See the short explanation on the Pipal Associates page.

Pegasus Mail IMAGES            pmail50.gif

A few images based on the new Pegasus splash screen will be linked here shortly. Including the button image at the top of this page.

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